France is one of the most sought-after vacation countries due to its history, architecture, and scenic beauty. However, it is also increasingly becoming a sought-after destination for students seeking to study in Europe. There are 70 universities all over France, and some of them are even located in exotic cities so you can enjoy the cultural diversity in these places. There are around 260,000 international students studying in France. International community can help you adjust to the change and culture shock. Most classes are taken in French, but you can find English-medium programs as well. If you want to make it easier for yourself, then you can enroll in our French classes here at Ecstasy Education Consultancy. 

Document Checklist:

  • Passport copy
  • Resume
  • Passport size photo
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  • Visa Copy (if travelled to any country)
  • Mark sheets and passing certificates for all these levels:
    • School
    • HighSchool
    • Degree (All levels)*
  • IELTS 
  • Work Experience (If any)
  • Any other certificates

Please note the following while sending the documents:


  • All documents should be uploaded in each folder. 
  • Please name the documents in the following manner: Document name_Applicant first name

For example: Passport first page_Sarah

  • Documents should be Any blurred document will have to be resent.
  • If sending documents through mail all the documents should be sent in a single mail. Please do not send different documents in separate mails as it creates confusion.
  • Resumes should be in black and white. Please do not use fancy fonts or designs for your resume. Ensure that resumes are precise and to the point and cover all the essential information.
  • Photographs should be in standard passport size.
  • The application form shall be sent by us. Applicants should take a printout of the form, fill it in bold font, paste their photographs and keep it with them for their reference. A scanned copy of the completely filled and signed form should be sent to us along with the all required documents. 


All the documents have to be submitted at the very earliest (to avoid deadline hassle). Applicants are requested to make submissions as early as possible in order to speed up the admission and visa process.

Interview process:

  • Once the applicant’s documents are checked and verified, the applicant will have to attend two interview.
  • Date and time for the interview will be informed in advance.
  • Interview will be on Skype call or Mobile Call / Video call or Voice Call. Applicants are requested to provide a steady contact number,
    e-mail Id right from the beginning in their Application form and
  • After successful interview, the applicants will receive Offer Letter from the college and the university you apply .

With our guidance, you can find the right institution, and complete the right requirements needed to study there.

Without further delay click on Apply Now or chat with our representative and begin your application to study in France.

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