New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand study abroad programs will expose students to an amazing variety of breathtaking landscapes. Many blockbuster movies have been shot there, including the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It is true – New Zealand’s unbelievable landscapes are very much what makes the country so unique and memorable. There are a wide variety of opportunities to view wildlife like dolphins and whales, as well as plenty of outdoor activities like white water rafting and bungee jumping. But there is more to New Zealand than its natural beauty. Students studying abroad in New Zealand will be captivated by this interesting and remote country.

New Zealand is becoming the first choice for an increasing number of international students seeking quality education. New Zealand universities, colleges, and other New Zealand education institutions offer students a one of its kind learning experience.

New Zealand is one of the world’s beautiful countries. Choosing New Zealand for education would be a great decision because it’s a place of world-class citizens. Voted amongst one of the most developed and safest environments in the world, New Zealand has emerged as a hot destination for students from all across the globe.

New Zealand is clean, green, secure and friendly. It is very cosmopolitan, has a stable democratic government and after 9/11 is considered one of the safest developed nations to be in. Although limited in population, it has the unparalleled infrastructure, opportunities and great natural beauty.

Every year students from all over the world make New Zealand – their host country. The magnificence of beauty and serenity of the locale is the perfect panacea to the pressurized existence that most students undergo on a daily basis!

The New Zealand approach to education fosters self-reliance, inquisition and fresh thinking. You will find a holistic approach to education in New Zealand. This is born of the unique magic called New Zealand.

You can have a Study abroad experience that goes deeper than New Zealand’s stunning beauty – an exciting dynamic place that brings together a unique set of conditions perfect for personal growth and learning. From world-class educators to a recreational paradise, a New Zealand education is your place to grow.

New Zealand is a modern parliamentary democracy based on the Westminster parliamentary system. New Zealand’s Parliament is currently made up of 120 Members representing eight parties. The present make-up of the Members is 82 men and 39 women and of these 21 class themselves as Maori. New Zealanders go to the polls every three years, with the next election in 2014.

Prime Minister is the head of the country. While voting is not compulsory, as a New Zealand resident or citizen you will be required to enroll as an elector.

New Zealand has a reputation for being a welcoming and safe destination. New Zealanders are renowned for their hospitality, friendliness and amicability. Students from throughout the world will find a high level of respect for their individual cultural differences throughout New Zealand.

Why should you study in New Zealand?

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with natural beauty surrounding you wherever you are. The country is also highly developed with world-class healthcare services, modern infrastructure, and high-quality education standards. Education system is progressive, as it is a mix of traditional teaching with the new innovation and technology. The Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students sets the minimum standards of advice and care that are expected of providers who are registered to enroll international students so international students will be welcomed with open arms.

The following are some reasons why New Zealand is a desirable country to study in:

High ranking education system:
New Zealand’s global rankings for their universities are high in comparison to universities worldwide. University rankings allow students to compare the key factors that make the institution suitable for them. New Zealand has a total of 8 universities which are state-funded and all are ranked in the 2015-16 QS World University Rankings.

Holistic education

The education in New Zealand is not only ranked well, but it is also unique from the education systems in other parts of the world. Their education encourages self-reliance, curiosity, creativity, innovation, and new thinking. This kind of holistic education allows students to increase their knowledge and also helps in their personal growth.

Work opportunities

International students studying in New Zealand are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during the semester and up to 40 hours a week during vacations. Furthermore, students can work full-time during the holidays and also have the option to apply for a six-month long work permit.

Documents required to study in New Zealand:

  1. Academic transcript till date
  2. Passport
  3. Work experience (optional)
  4. Application form for desired universities
  5. IELTS/TOEFL scores
  6. Financial documents (Loan, Bank statements)
  7. Visa application

How can you apply to study in New Zealand?

  1. Talk to education consultant at EcstasyEducation Consultancy
  2. Sit for required exams (IELTS/TOEFL)
  3. Apply to your desired universities
  4. Collect offer letter from institution
  5. Pay tuition fee
  6. Receive Visa Grant Letter

If you want more information on the application process to universities in New Zealand, book an appointment with us and take the first step towards your success career.

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